Play your favourite casino games directly on your iPad

Each new version of iPad brings new possibilities for the developers of applications, and those are always trying to develop newer ideas for those mobile devices. It is a market with an important stake and with millions of dollars involved is the one of iPad casinos, which are now more popular than ever.

The latest iPad version is suited for mobile gambling. In this area, the possibilities are unlimited, as long as the new tablets offer a better platform for those games. Maybe the iPhones are too small, although there are millions of players that use those, but the iPad represents the perfect compromise between an iPhone and a PC when it comes to mobile gambling, and the iPad seems like the perfect device where every casino could develop.

iPad offers a realistic approach for mobile gambling. The only problem is that there is no possibility for the players to download different casinos on iPad, but those games work just as well on the browser of the iPad.

List of featured casinos that support Apple iPad



Future of iPad casinos

IPad concept has the potential of transforming the industry of gambling forever. It is comfortable enough to play on casinos from your home, but what would happen if players would be able to take their casinos anywhere?

Apple was not interested about developing or encouraging mobile gambling on their platforms, especially because it is forbidden to gamble on those platforms for real money in the United States. However, the success of iPad casinos in Europe and Asia, and the possibility for some American states to legalize mobile gambling convinced Apple that this is an industry that can be exploited.

The principle is attractive especially because of the possibilities and graphical enhancements of the iPad. The players would be able to spin the slots reels with a simple touch, or they could check the bingo cards with ease. The bonus games of slots will become truly standalone games, in which you will be able to use Spiderman to hunt those free spins and the Marvel progressive jackpot.

The developers that are interested about the iPad as a gambling application are the same that have already developed applications for smartphones gambling. The iPad seems the perfect device for online casinos, as it is bigger than the iPhone, but it also offers mobility.

Major games casino producers such as RTG and Microgaming promised solid gambling options for interested players. The platforms are already developed for iPhones, so the transition will not be so hard. The trick is to convince the players to use their iPads for gambling, but this will probably come as a result of the attractive graphic features.


As for the security of iPad gambling platforms, the players must not be worried. The iPad offers an increased security by default for any application, but in the case of mobile casinos, the security will be considered even more important. There are not many people complaining about security matters with the iPhone gambling versions, so it is unlikely to be robbed while playing your favorite casino game on your iPad.