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Speedcard offers its users the possibility to spend money using a variety of methods, which is one of the most attractive features of this service. Unfortunately, it is only available to the users in some countries, and this is why it is not that popular as it could.

Speedcard can be considered as a great alternative for people that want to have their money at their disposal instantly. The commission requested for the majority of transaction is also small, so we can say that Speedcard can become a popular option for many.

Speedcard can be used to deposit money with some casinos. Even if the number of websites is not that great, we are talking about some popular ones, and this is why the number of people using this service grows. It is one of the newest payment methods that come with some interesting features, and it is likely for it to become a popular one, especially because this service is available in some countries where the number of accepted e-wallets is reduced.

You can sign up for a Speedcard account on their website using a simple process. The services of this company are available as soon as you have confirmed your mail. Currently Speedcard only accepts credit and debit card deposits, but it seems like the number of options will be increased soon.

The common method used by players to fund their accounts is the direct deposit from the Speedcard account to the gambling one. However, there is also the possibility to deposit funds from the card attached to the Speedcard account, even if you don’t have money in the respective account. This method is preferred by gamblers, especially because this means that you don’t need to have money in your Speedcard account. Of course, Speedcard takes its commission in this case, and the funds are available instantly. You don’t need to provide financial details to the casino if you use this method, which means that the security of deposits is maximized.

Online casinos that accept Speedcard deposits



Speedcard withdrawal

Speedcard is a fast method to withdraw money. Once you have requested such a withdrawal, the money will be available instantly. You can spend the money from the virtual credit card that can be attached to the account, or with the plastic card at a large number of merchants. In fact, this is one of the strongest points of Speedcard: the fact that you can spend money with a card directly from the account, which is only possible with a few of the other operators.

Speedcard Support

The website is fast and intuitive, but Speedcard has some disadvantages. The process of creating the account is affected by the number of details requested by Speedcard, but once you understand this process, you will see that all those questions and problems appear because of security concerns.