New casino bonus codes - 2013

Popularity of online casinos is huge today, and the number of gamblers that want to join those is rising. Casinos have to come up with something special to attract clients. This is why online casinos offer bonus codes, which are one of the most important aspects considered by any person joining one casino or the other.

New player signup bonuses are most important, as it is the first interaction of a gambler with the casino. 90% of players consider the bonus code for signup as the most important aspect that attracts them towards online casinos.

New player welcome bonus is a percentage of the initial deposited sum. For example, for a deposit of 100$, you will have 200 free $ for a signup bonus of 200%. This bonus is claimed using the special Casino Bonus Codes offered by casinos when a new client signs up.

Latest bonus codes



Wagering casino bonuses

All casino bonus codes can be used to get free money, access to some exclusive contests and tournaments, and for VIP points. However, in some cases, the money can’t be claimed immediately. It is not as you can open an account with 1000$, so you could claim your 500$, just to withdraw 1500$ back on your card. The free 500$ have to be wagered before withdrawing. This means that the player must gamble and use that money for playing, and only after a while, he is allowed to withdraw the money on a credit card.   



Multiple bonus codes

Hint: Try to find the casinos that offer bonus codes for the second or even third deposit, as you can find those with ease. Besides this, some casinos offer bonus codes for any deposit, if the respective deposit is consistent.